Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"...one arm tied behind your back" A.B.M.F.

Soo, my avatar painting was a hit over at dA. Glad the gang enjoyed it :D

So yesterday I got a call from career services over at Ai. Now I've recently decided it's best to just ignore these calls, because it only ends up with me feeling like a complete failure. My mind does that to me plenty on it's own (at least once a day). When I'm not busy, my mind will wonder back to "hey you, you don't have a job like everyone else does (that has graduated with you!) WTF is up with you???!" So needless to say I don't need someone calling me to say WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A JOB!!! Really, man I do a bang up job beating myself up over it. >: Really, I think the school only wants to know that I'm making money. Maybe I should tell them I got a PA job making a grand a week. HA, bet they'd love that! But whatever...I'll find something.

Here is what I've been working on. It's for a coloring contest. The guy's lineart is really heavy, doesn't leave too much room for color. So what happens when I have something like that to work with? I move on to backgrounds. So I have this guy jumping off this cliff looking rock thing. I'm gonna add some forest-like plants to the bottom. Right now, I'm just playing with the lighting of the moon. I'm actually excited for this. Once I get the sky done, everything else should smoothly. I've seen the other entries, and everyones looks the same. No one (that I've seen) has thought to add a background. SO yea, hopefully I'll finish in time.

...well shit, it's that time of the night. I have to go wash dishes!


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