Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pushing that last post down....

Boy, that last post is obnoxious to look at!
Anyway, July is coming up fast! I can't wait. Oakley is sending Lacey and I to CGcon so that should be fun. Sean actually suggested it as a conference for us to go to. It's turning out to be one of the most anticipated conventions of the year. With of course San Diego Comic Con just two days after it. Which I'll also be going to :D
I'm excited to go, but I seriously don't want to think about all the money I'll be spending there. ;p;

Anyway, I'm working on this painting. It's for Joe Vriens! I found this drawing in his scraps and I was inspired to paint it. I actually started it last year and finally, tonight decided to continue with it.
But I'm having trouble with the direction I should finish it up in. It's pretty much done either way.
But I don't know which one i like, yet.
So i'll just post it here and see if anyone has any suggestions :)

Lineart by Joe Vriens

Slightly lighter then the one above

My original end

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