Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Felt the need to paint something. So i went over to my constant inspiration Joe Vriens blog!!! Actually his deviantart, and found a sketch he did.

when i let loose and just scribble with the brush I feel more relaxed and I get something i like. haha
I know that's how you're suppose to paint, but sometimes I have other things I'm thinking for the painting then just going crazy with it and not caring.

I'm really pleased with it :)

Minor changes below

Line art by Joe Vriens
Colors by Cleverblue


joverine said...

that's a cool style--and whaddu mean that's not how you're supposed to paint?!
That's exactly what I do if I'm not feeling it-I just start scribbling and hopefully a few lines inspire me an propel me into inspired mode!

very bright and appealing colours


ps thnx for the cred! ;)

Clever Blue said...

Hey thanks!!!
Really glad you like it :D

and of course, I always give credit where credit is due :D

Thanks for always having inspiring work!!!