Saturday, July 18, 2009

CG con Day 3

Just finished up my last day at Cgcon.

Today was pretty awesome!

Here's a picture (blurry) of Diego, one of the founders of CGCON. Really nice guy!

Above is Micheal Zimmerman. He was interesting to watch paint. I like his process when setting up storyboards and picking one to detail up! Really nice.
His image below.

Had a lecture with one of the SteamBot guys. David Levy. Man, this guy is soo funny! Really makes his lecture personal. Showed us paintings with using Gradients for color palettes. This guy definitely inspires me to paint!


Scott Robertson came back and lectured about creating monsters. Using PhotoBooth. Taking the mirror option and taking pictures with random objects, such as fruit, paper etc. Really awesome!
that's his image above!

Mark showed his process with using photos to paint over your lineart. Using it as a guide.
He also touched on a lot of other stuff. I would list it down But it's getting late and I have lots to do before I leave for San Diego tomorrow!

So overall CGCON was great! Learned soo much. I feel like I can really push myself further with what I learned there. So hopefully after I get back from comic-con I'll have lots of updates of art :D

Well I'm gonna get going. I'm thinking I'll be able to update my blog everyday with what's been going on at SDCC. As long as we have internet access!

...sorry for all the broken sentences. I have poor grammar in general. But it's even worse when I'm sleepy!

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