Tuesday, July 07, 2009

WOOO it's JULY!!!!

Who's going to CGcon and SDCC???
I've been soooo excited for July. Really, it's pretty much the highlight of my year. Pretty sad and nerdy, but hey San Diego for a week!!! :D
My buddies and I are staying in a condo a mile away from the convention center. Planning on going all four days plus the preview night. I hope to see a lot of the artists I follow on twitter, blogspot and deviantart at comic con. :)

CGcon is a first for me. Oakley is sending me there for digital painting, which is pretty damn awesome! I hear it's gonna be pretty cool with all the companies and artists that have been getting involved in it. should be interesting. Though, I'm NOT looking forward to the commute to that one. Good thing I'm carpooling. Should make it bearable :D

Well, hopefully i'll have some art to post soon! I've been slacking ;(

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