Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Almost 2 years

Oi, it's been almost a couple of years since I've touched this. Ha, well it's not like anyone reads it so I'll probably just copy and paste my journals from deviantart. :D

Well let's see, I graduated Ai, and I'm a freelance Colorist.
...yea that about sums it up. hehe

Well actually I had a graduation party a couple days ago and boy was it fun!!!
Thanks to everyone who came, I know my place is out of the way for most people (like an hour) so it meant a lot that you came :hug:

I actually made a enough money to go on my trip to New Zealand so that's my next major event coming soon. Just waitin on my dear friend ETOLI!!! haha jk jk

Umm, OH!
I know I have a lot of line art I promised people I would paint for them. Please don't worry I will get to it...eventually :D Seriously, I will!

It's just lately I've been working more and I've had some family drama recently come into play so yea, haha if Christmas doesn't kill me then I should have enough time for painting. Though, I feel like I've lost some of my skill with my recent freelance job. I think it's challenging me to think and paint differently. Not sure. I'm just glad I have an understanding guy that I'm doing it for.

So you'll probably see me posting some lineart that just inspires me to paint. To get myself warmed up.

Oh any one know Joe Weatherly or David Colman??? I recently got both their books in at Borders at the South Coast Plaza. They might be doing a book signing. I still have to set it up. But I know all my art buddies are gonna go to it when I do have it, rrrriiiiiight????

If you want look at their work one of them has a dA account :icondavidsdoodles:

and here's Joe Weatherly's website

Here's a picture of the group of friends who went to my party. Oh if I didn't invite you I'm sorry, It was kind of hard to get a hold of everyone. A lot of people knew about it last minute. Sorry guys!

I'm the one with the black (fake) leather jacket! :iconEtoli: and :iconOnelani: are next to me :D
Oh and :iconoliver-deguia: is doing something "scandalous" behind me hahaha

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