Sunday, April 13, 2008

R.I.P. Sid

I was going to write an update on my life and what I've been up to. But at the moment it doesn't seem to really matter.

As I was going through my messages on dA. I saw :iconnautilusl2: posted a journal. It is there that I read Sid Suarez passed away this morning. A very dear friend of mine and my buddies.
Sid was very open about his health and many of us knew he needed a heart and lung transplant. I believe it was Thursday when Etoli told me he got a call about having organs ready and that he needed to fly out to have the surgery in San Francisco.

I don't know too many of the details. I'm sure someone will post what happen.

So I will say this...

I remember the day I met you. In Brian Smith's class, you were so out going. Introducing yourself to anyone who would look your way. I remember our first assignment, I was so blown away by your amazing skills. The assignment was suppose to be something small and simple. But you took it so much further then anyone in class did. I say that because it's the only one I remember.

After I found out about what you needed. I was even more impressed by you. It seemed like nothing could get you down. You were such a strong and brave person. I remember, Etoli, Onelani, and I went to comic-con and I spotted you in that crazy crowded room. You always seemed to draw attention to you. Always having a smile on your face. And that, is something I'll never forget about you.

You know, it's hard to write this. Going over the memories I shared with you. I really have to thank you. You were really the only one who constantly said you were proud of me. Proud on how much I improved in my art, since the day we first met. And that always made me happy, because you were an artist I looked up too.

Sid, it was a real honor to have met you, to have gotten to know you, and to have become your friend. I love you and I am glad to know that you are no longer in pain.

Anyone who wishes to see what an amazing person and artist Sid was. Go to his dA :icon5thanomaly: