Sunday, May 04, 2008


Well I finally painted something. Work has kept me busy. Well, more the drive has. I get home pretty late and I have to wash the dishes, and after that I go to sleep. So no time for fun stuff.

I'm pretty happy with the result of this painting. The girl who drew the Line art is amazing. She's got this awesome style that just really inspires me to paint. :D

Personal Note (no need to read further): So I went to a friend who is a therapist (specializing in family relationships) yesterday. She gave me great advice about what I should do with my extended-family problem I've been having since...oh...well pretty much my whole life. So in two weeks I will confront (in a non-defensive way) my grandparents on what they believe I did or whatever. I have a cousin who loves to lie. My problem is way to big to type out. But know that in two weeks I will have resolved it as best I can. I'm only in control of myself. I can't change what my cousin has done. But I won't just stand by anymore. I'm an adult now, and I have to the right to speak up and defend myself. I'm doing it on my own, I want my grandparents to know that my parents have no influence on how I feel. This is something all my own, if my grandparents are unwilling to listen to what I have to say then there's nothing I can do but just cut my ties to them. But we shall see.