Saturday, January 19, 2008

Up! Up!

Hey ya, I just finished a painting.


The link above is the person who did the line art. The painting below is what I did!!!
I'm happy with the Bison (appa) Aang could have used more work, as well as the rope. But other then that I really like it :D

today I met up with an old High School buddy of mine. It was great catching up. She's a good person, one of the few good people I met during high school.

well that's it for now

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

" arm tied behind your back" A.B.M.F.

Soo, my avatar painting was a hit over at dA. Glad the gang enjoyed it :D

So yesterday I got a call from career services over at Ai. Now I've recently decided it's best to just ignore these calls, because it only ends up with me feeling like a complete failure. My mind does that to me plenty on it's own (at least once a day). When I'm not busy, my mind will wonder back to "hey you, you don't have a job like everyone else does (that has graduated with you!) WTF is up with you???!" So needless to say I don't need someone calling me to say WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A JOB!!! Really, man I do a bang up job beating myself up over it. >: Really, I think the school only wants to know that I'm making money. Maybe I should tell them I got a PA job making a grand a week. HA, bet they'd love that! But whatever...I'll find something.

Here is what I've been working on. It's for a coloring contest. The guy's lineart is really heavy, doesn't leave too much room for color. So what happens when I have something like that to work with? I move on to backgrounds. So I have this guy jumping off this cliff looking rock thing. I'm gonna add some forest-like plants to the bottom. Right now, I'm just playing with the lighting of the moon. I'm actually excited for this. Once I get the sky done, everything else should smoothly. I've seen the other entries, and everyones looks the same. No one (that I've seen) has thought to add a background. SO yea, hopefully I'll finish in time.

...well shit, it's that time of the night. I have to go wash dishes!


Monday, January 14, 2008


Well I finished that Avatarded piece by Kelli Davis. just wanted to post it for no one to see. :D

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've Decided!

So at the moment, life is pretty shitty. Well as far as not finding a good full time job. I have my health, my family (who seem to be taking FULL advantage of my free labor) and a place to stay. So it's not THAT bad. But still, it's shitty.
I applied at LifeTouch Studios. They basically said they would offer me the job if I wanted it. I would SO take it if the job paid more. But they don't so I might as well stay with Borders. Though, they've been cutting back on hours, like crazy. I usually work 24 hours a week. Now they have me working 6 hours. Can you fuckin believe that shit!!!!! I've been trying to transfer to the Borders by my house but they don't have any damn openings. UGH

Anyways, LT studios makes you drive really far distances to do a photo shoot. It's not worth the 8 dollars an hour on the road, and the 9 while you actually take pictures. They don't even guarantee the work hours. Plus their seasonal. So it's a no go with them. ;/

So yesterday I applied to at least 6 different P.A jobs. One being a PA for a celebrity. haha wouldn't that be fantastic?! well the pay would, its about $900 a week, soo yea I'D DO IT!
But they want all this experience and I'm like, "Fuck it, I'll apply anyway!"

Maybe if I tell the recruiter, I don't give a fuck who they are I just want their money. They'll believe me when I say I wont tell any one their dirty little secrets we all know they have. ::shrugs:: I'll post here first if they reply back.

So tomorrow I drive an hour to work, work 6 wait 5 and half hours (take out 30 minutes for break) then drive back the hour home. HURRAY I'm living the dream >:

So about my title to my blog. I've decided that I will try and keep this blog going. I want to see my process in life. I know I don't remember everything. So I want to keep track of my life after college. So FYI to anyone who comes across my blog. Or rather a DISCLAIMER (i got this from a friend)

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the profanity of this entry, or the misspelled words, or the bad grammar. I'm hungry, tired and annoyed so that exonerates me from having to take responsibility. Why you say? Because I said so

Yea, I'll basically have that everywhere. I have horrible grammar, bad spelling, and laziness. So if that bothers you. Umm, then don't read this. I'm actually posting my journals here rather then LJ and Deviantart. For one reason, I don't want my friends or family to read this. I normally don't tell them what I'm going through all the time. Or how I'm feeling. But I still need to get it out.
And recently, I've been through some hell. And I believe I'm still going through it.

Along with ranting and bitchin I will post what art I'm working on. :D So as to distract people from actually reading this. :snicker:
So here's it is. My distraction...

The line art is by Kelli Davis. She drew this for my 21st Birthday :D
All my buddies are in love with Avatar. I'm painting it, this is just the flats.
She already painted her version and posted it on her dA account. I have her link up at the top right. Anyway, I figure I'd better paint my version. I wanted to go with the right colors from the show. So did Kelli so are pieces are somewhat similar, though I am taking different styles with it. You'll see once it's done :D

Well here's to many more entries no one well comment on (hopefully)