Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"...Means No Worries"

UPDATE: was told that i should bring out the lineart more. Hope it worked.

I think I'm gonna admit that I have a HUGE fan-girl crush on Joe Vriens! :P
I freakin LOVE his art! I'm always inspired by his work and geez, he's really nice about letting paint his stuff!

He posted another sketch (inspired) and I figured I should paint it the same style I did for his Dhalsim sketch. I did this today at work, don't worry! I finished all my work. :)

Well anyway, let me know what you guys think!!!

Line Art by Joe Vriens
Colored by me

Lauren's Mucha

I've gotten really inspired to paint this. Lauren was kind of enough to let me paint this. She said she was going for Alphonse Mucha style, So that's how I'm painting.
It's certainly challenging!!! But I'm really diggin it so far though!!!

LINE ART BY Lauren Montgomery
COLORS by me :D

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Water Mouse

Just got some new brushes from a fellow artist!
Totally loving the watercolor feel

Lineart by Charles Holbert Jr.
Colors by Cleverblue

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Felt the need to paint something. So i went over to my constant inspiration Joe Vriens blog!!! Actually his deviantart, and found a sketch he did.

when i let loose and just scribble with the brush I feel more relaxed and I get something i like. haha
I know that's how you're suppose to paint, but sometimes I have other things I'm thinking for the painting then just going crazy with it and not caring.

I'm really pleased with it :)

Minor changes below

Line art by Joe Vriens
Colors by Cleverblue