Thursday, July 30, 2009


Man, I tried to keep up with comic-con but all those late nights and sharing a computer just doesn't work soo well with updating a blog every night. Especially with super slow internet >:/
But I survived!
Comic-con was crazy! I had a lot of fun. Met some awesome artists and bought a shit-load of art books and prints :D and my first vinyl toy!

The guys from Satellite Soda are fuckin awesome! Really nice and down-to-earth.
Red-monkey - Tom Jilesen

DaveIgo - David Igo

MonkArt - Fabian Schlaga

SoulKarl - Dan Ciurczak

Go check out their Deviantart pages!!!

I don't really have much to post at the moment. But you can see pictures of my trip here...


Thursday, July 23, 2009

SDCC : Day 5

Wow, so my first day of comic-con was spent in Hall H. Got in line around 8:30am for the 3D panel, that started at 11pm. I was one of the last five people allowed inside for the Disney Panel. Lots of angry people. So it was...
Disney panel - Alice in Wonderland, Tron, and Christmas Carol.
Tim Burton is a funny man. Brought his buddy Johnny Depp to the panel. nice surprise!
Tron was awesome. I haven't seen the first one. But from what i saw on their panel. It's something I must do.
Christmas Carol is gonna be very dark. Really crazy animation.

Summit Studios- Astro Boy, Sorority Row, and New Moon
Astro boy looks pretty cool. After seeing the trailer I'm really interested in seeing it.
Soroity row- ehh it looks like Scream!
New Moon- GOD, freakin fan girls. terrible. I kind of felt that the actors for Edward and Bella were on something. Edward didn't make any sense. Bella kind of did, but she was really twitchy. Jacob was a fuckin TOOL. really, only talked about his body. Alice was really they only redeeming cast out of the four. Spoke well and knew what she was talking about.

Holes, Final Destination
Scary movies haha
Cloudy with chance of Meatballs

looks pretty awesome.

James Cameron's AVATAR saw 25 minutes of his film. Seriously amazing. Never seen anything like it. Completely original. Spent 14 years on it and 4 years in productions. I seriously can't wait for this movie!

I also got some signatures on my Totoro Forest Project book! YAY

more pictures soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 4 SDCC 2009

Crazy, preview day was a complete clusterfuck!
Geez, it's suppose to be the dead day. lol oh well. I was able to get books from David Colman, Sanford Greene, Ryan Benjamin, The Torch Tiger, and Sean Galloway's book along with his vinyl of Kuta. I'm glad I talked myself into getting the vinyl, I'm definitely happy with it. Can't wait to put Kontra on it and takes pictures :D

I'm trying to upload pictures now, but the connection SUCKS! I took pictures of the Udon booth and Cheeks booth. I guess I'll have to do separate post when I get home.

i was able to post these...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SDCC_2009: Day 3

Today we went exploring. Walking about 3 miles. Going (random shout- John "HI!!!") from Little Italy all the way down to the GasLamp District. It was pretty hot, but it was the humidity that was what killed me. I seriously cannot control my freakin hair. It's unbearable!

Oh well...

Today, I helped with dinner. I made chicken quesadillas, Kelli made guacamole, John grilled the chicken, and Kelly cut the chicken haha. It was fun!

So right now, we're about to play some Cranium. Tomorrow we're gonna go get our tickets for Comic-con :D


Monday, July 20, 2009

SDCC_2009: Day 2

EDIT: Here's some more pictures. Only got three tonight :/

Went to San Diego Zoo today with everyone. It was pretty humid, but overall not too bad. :)
I'm having trouble uploading all the pictures i wanted too to night. So I'll just post the ones that made it and try another time. After going to the Zoo, my friend Jeff called and we headed over to his place to see Andrea and their new baby girl Averi! Very cute girl

Well it's late, everyone is getting ready for bed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SDCC 2009: Day 1

We're HERE!!!!
Finally got to San Diego, beautiful place!
The townhouse we got is awesome. Still can't get over how nice it is. I wasn't expecting it to be so well decorated. Kelli and I got here first, so we organized everything and put everything in order.
We'll I just wanted to post pictures of today!

Here's the place we're staying at!

Kelli and I went exploring down to the Harbor.

Were staying in Little Italy!

It's the UP house!!!!
Look Sean! :D

Well that's pretty much it for today!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

CG con Day 3

Just finished up my last day at Cgcon.

Today was pretty awesome!

Here's a picture (blurry) of Diego, one of the founders of CGCON. Really nice guy!

Above is Micheal Zimmerman. He was interesting to watch paint. I like his process when setting up storyboards and picking one to detail up! Really nice.
His image below.

Had a lecture with one of the SteamBot guys. David Levy. Man, this guy is soo funny! Really makes his lecture personal. Showed us paintings with using Gradients for color palettes. This guy definitely inspires me to paint!


Scott Robertson came back and lectured about creating monsters. Using PhotoBooth. Taking the mirror option and taking pictures with random objects, such as fruit, paper etc. Really awesome!
that's his image above!

Mark showed his process with using photos to paint over your lineart. Using it as a guide.
He also touched on a lot of other stuff. I would list it down But it's getting late and I have lots to do before I leave for San Diego tomorrow!

So overall CGCON was great! Learned soo much. I feel like I can really push myself further with what I learned there. So hopefully after I get back from comic-con I'll have lots of updates of art :D

Well I'm gonna get going. I'm thinking I'll be able to update my blog everyday with what's been going on at SDCC. As long as we have internet access!

...sorry for all the broken sentences. I have poor grammar in general. But it's even worse when I'm sleepy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

CG con Day 2

First ones there! lol Actually we were only two hours early :/ If even that.


CGCON is awesome! Really enjoying the lectures soo far :D

Scott Robertson: this guy is awesome! Gave a great lecture on reflection and lighting :D

SteamBot: Two of the Four concept artists involved in this studio. These guys are hilarious!!!
Totally learn great techinques on how to paint with real photos, brushes, and collaborating with a fellow artist :D

More pictures from the SteamBot lecture

The Mighty Ryan Church!!!
This guy is fun! Love listening to him speak. Really was honest about the industry. Gave a great lession on his process of painting. Starting with basic sketches of an idea to modeling that idea in 3D, making a render of it. Then finally putting that render back into photoshop and painting over it. Painting with NO LIGHT. Which is just lowly adding the lighting in. Really awesome!

Saw Jason (blogspot) and Edgar (blogspot) there :D
Both crazy good and inspiring artists!

Mark Goerner: This guy had a LOT of information! Really in-depth, glad he'll be back tomorrow
Had good points about when you start painting. Talk about Composition and the POV, Mood, Story, Genere and much more!

Edgar and I got our picture taken with Ryan Church! :D

Then got pictures with the guys :D

Last day is tomorrow. Then Sunday I leave for San Diego!!!