Monday, February 11, 2008


Hey I haven't updated this month. I've been busy with freelance work.
Which is always a great thing. I wanted to post a journal because I want to keep a record of my life after college. How I got a job and what not.

My title says "Interview" that's because I have one tomorrow. :)
I recently got onto (it's a huge networking site). I found a lot of my friends from school. One in particular Sean R. told me about a job opening at his work. He said that it deals with photoshop and that he thinks I'd be great for it. So I have everything ready for tomorrow.
I just have to have my resume and my website ready.
Then I think I take a test and talk to the boss. Then I guess we'll see what happens. I REALLY hope I get the job. It's kind of far, but not too bad. (lake forest)

well i'll post more when I know more!!!
Oh here's the website to the company I might be working for