Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Space man

Finally was able to paint something that I was happy with!
I always hate how I'll paint something awesome and then paint shit for months! It's like my power level was used up to create something awesome. Now I have to wait for my power to be at maximum, before i can paint anything worth posting . :( aaaaaaannoying!

So when I was able to paint something today! I was extremely happy.
It's by Sean Reilly, my co-worker/close friend. While he's mostly a 3D modeler, he's known to draw from time to time. I've been trying to get him to sign up for a blogspot. But, yea. He's been dragging his feet on that one!

Anyway, I'm loving the colors. I have this other painting I'm working on and these were the colors I wanted to use. But again, i was painting shit! So I stopped working on it. I'm gonna have to pick it up soon because Etoli gave it to me to paint. Aaaand since I live with her now, haha I can't escape it! haha :P

The image really inspired me to paint, so Sean scanned it for me :D

At first he really reminded me of Kisame Hoshigaki, from Naruto. So I kept thinking "blue" lol
I just went with it. I'm pretty pleased. :)