Sunday, October 29, 2006

Here's a piece I just finished.
Sorta a collaboration.

did the lineart. I did the painting of it.
It was a sketch challenge. The first ten people to comment on her journal got a free sketch.
So I was like one of the very last ones(lucky me). I usually always ask for a fox. But I decided to ask for the next best thing.
Youko Kurama. hehe After she drew it, I asked her if I could paint it. Of course, she said yes.
So here it is...

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Write4Sanity said...

(A.K.A. Insomniac247)

I'm so not good at using this place yet. I say yet though I may never become proficient.

I love this sketch! Colored, I appreciate it even more. I love the casual-ness of his pose, and the expression on his face. I like the movement in it. :)

I love anime drawing. It's mostly the hair and the eyes I think. A lot of times that will determine what character I like in an anime; the drawing of him/her. lol