Friday, October 31, 2008

Tell Five friends

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I'm not crazy into politics. In fact, I wasn't even registered to vote up until a couple of months ago (peer pressures a BITCH). I try and make it a point not to discuss it. Especially when I'm with my friends or Family, because no one can ever be wrong when it comes to talking about what they believe in(which is fine). I just don't like getting in to arguments when it comes to stuff like politics. Unless I know I'm talking to someone who doesn't take it personal, which in many cases in NOT the case. So I'm usually like "Fuck it".
But this video I came across really inspired me to share it with the people that do read my journals.

I think it's neat to see the people that come together to make shit happen. I was very surprised to see the number of actors in that video. I wonder how many of them actually feel the harsh times that's going on right now, with the salary they ALL make (minus the three regular people in the video).
I'm not trying to talk shit about the vid. I really do like it. But I also think that if every major "famous person" donated 20% or fuck, maybe just 5% of their salary for the year they could probably fix the shit we're in and them some! I'm saying this cause I've seen the power of what artists can do when they want to save something. For example Totoro Forest Project!

Just a thought :D

Go vote people
Not because of the video, but because of these random cute voting ads I made of Baby and Duke:D

Oh and If any of you want see some awesome Halloween pictures of dogs running around in costumes check this link out

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Unknown said...

first time i've seen the vid...made me laugh a few times
and ys...votes over lol