Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally some art

Ah well I haven't really been working on anything other then Oakley work and my sister wedding stuff. This past week I finished my sister's wedding guestbook and her photo montage that will be played at the reception.
Anyway, I got this freelance gig a while back and I've been having trouble finding time to finish it. Luckily there's no dead line on this so, I can take my time with it!
I'm liking how it's turning out, and so does the artist who hired me as his colorist. :)
It's suppose to be depress, I think. I'm just going off with what the script reads. I still have a lot I want to try and do. I know I'll have more time when i move out

1 comment:

Lucia Diaz said...

I like what you did. It looks really good Sister...