Friday, December 10, 2010

The Oakley Skateboard Design Challenge

Copied and pasted from Kloh's blog

"Inspired by the recent 2-Tone Dunny Series, our Web Creative team decided to hold a 2-Tone Skate Deck Challenge. Armed with decks donated by our friends at Arnette, each participant was given a PMS color swatch they had to use, in conjunction with any other form of black & white. There were no rules other than you had to stick to your specified color. Theme could be whatever each individual chose. Most chose to use traditional paint, but one was actually sewed"

My color was bright green, and i really had no idea what to do. So i decided a monster would be cool, and went with Medusa after i really thought about it.
I'm pretty proud of this. I ended up getting 3rd place, it was a really close call for second. I'm still extremely happy with my finished product. I usually always paint someone else's lines. But this was all mine :D

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Abz said...

Beautiful work! really well done..
drop by! follow! :P